The Arctic, On Keel And Wheels.


A perfect tour to get see and explore as much as you can when you visit Northern Norway.

Still it is a comfortable tour in modern facilities. The modern sailboats are operated by a professional charter company in the arctic.

A perfect tour for those who want to relax, but still have a exciting experience.

We will visit fishermen villages, fjords, whale watching, northern lights, mountain ranges, see Ice glaciers, hiking, campfire, good food and company.

Note: some activities are optional and also weather/season depending

Default package include:

*2 days sailboat(1 night on board), incl meals

*3 days van( 2 nights), incl breakfast

*Accommodations, modern cabins or hotel/lodge

Price: From NOK 4500,- pr person. pr day**

** with min. 5 persons booked

Frequently asked questions

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Camera equipment and techniques?

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