The Original Aurora Chaser

Kjetil Skogli

Chase the Northern lights

TripAdvisor Hall of Fame 2018
Kjetil Skogli

About me

Many call my tours the original Aurora Chase

I take this statement seriously and will provide you the best possible experience to experince the northern lights


With over 12 years experience of leading the most magical Northern Lights tours from within Tromsø possible. The optimal experience of seeing the lights are created using the combination of photographically and meteorological expertise, which as of now have been seen by people all over the world, with over 1200 tours and counting.


With my experience and knowledge I have worked with BBC, 60 Minutes Australia, NRK and others in the film and tv business to provide the best possible footage of the northern lights for their projects.


With all this, TripAdvisor has incorporated me into their Hall of Fame as the first northern lights guide, and I am looking forward to even more wonderful tours in the years to come.

The only northern lights tour in TripAdvisor's Hall of Fame

TripAdvisor Hall of Fame 2018

Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor 5 years in a row

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