The Joanna Lumley Route

The tour go from Tromsø to Lyngen Alps where we stay in cabins in stunning scenery, then to Alta (Sorrisniva Ice hotel ) for a night in another beautiful inviroment, next day we head off to Kautokeino, a sami town where we visit a silver jewlery (Juhls Silvergallery) in Finnmark and return trough Finland. Weather depending, it can be a change in the schedule/route.

Incl. 3 overnight stay in beautiful scenery, possibility for snowmobile, dogsledding, snowshoeing, etc. 

Price pr. person: Incl tour, accomodation (1 night in the icehotel), optional : snowmobile safari, dogsledding.

From 4500,- pr. day.

Meals not included (except breakfast and lunch at the Ice hotel).

Total price vary depending on activity and accomodations.

Ask for details.

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