VIP/ PRIVATE Chase The Lights

Information and details are just indications and might vary slightly.

As a change in the concept and tours, I will from Sept 2019 only run private/VIP tours. Still based on the original concept who brought me to Trip Advisors Hall of Fame.

Even if it sounds relentless, my tours are still comfortable. Relentless n that way, we don't give up finding clear skis if needed.

As my private guest you will find this tour peaceful and relaxing, still exciting and gives you the feeling of chasing the lights.

I will always try to find a good place for photography as the foreground mean a lot for a photo.

Professional photo assistance will be given and I also take photos of you and the lights.

With a hit rate more than 95%, 12 years+ true experience as a Northern lights guide and 15 years of experience as a Aurora Chaser, you will be in the best hands.

NOTE: VIP and private bookings only.

Prices/Info: Please ask for prices.

Max 6 persons.

Prices include:

  • Coffee and biscuit/cookies.
  • Thermal suits to put upon your own clothes(sizes from M to XL),  European sizes.
  • There will also be snowshoes in the car and it will be possible to try them. Weather/condition, location/season depending.
  • A woven badge(as below)to prove that your are a Aurora chaser of Tromsø.
  • Photos/ film from the evening for private web/mobile use..

Departure from: From your accommodation.

Normal departure time From 23th Sept until 15th March: 19.00 (07.00 pm). Or on your request.

Normal departure time from 16th March until 22 Sept: 19.30 (7.30 pm). Or on your requests.

Duration: 6–8 hours. Sometimes longer if we really need to.

Return time: about 01.00–02.00. After this time its usually harder to see the light because of the angel to the sun. But there is no rule without exceptions and I’ve been out there with good displays until the morning came. So we don’t give up so easy!

Transportation: Modern Van

Distance: up to 150+ km (or more) one way, depending on the cloud/weather condition. As a rule we don't care so much about the length of the tour as long as there is a chance to find clear skies.

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