Terms and conditions

Purpose: For participation and activities offered or arranged by the company Kjetil Skogli ATF AS(KS).

This document must be read and confirmed before any bookings can be organized. Even if the clients/customer don't read this, by confirming and paying for a tour or tours, the clients/guests confirm the disclaimer, terms and conditions.

Our liabilities are defined according to the Norwegian legislation. Claims must therefore be raised before the court in Tromsø.

Bookings, travel documents and payment: Bookings must be in writing (E-mail included) directly to our office by using the booking-form on this website. Our prices are in Norwegian Krone (NOK) per person, and includes taxes (VAT), coordination fees and provisions.  The photographer/guide Kjetil Skogli (from now called KS), requires a full payment at the time of booking to confirm your reservation.  Reservation without a payment will only be hold in  max. 3 days after you receive the confirmation for availability by mail. Payment less than NOK 7000,-, excl. transaction fees, need to be done by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) trough PayPal, if no other information is given. Payment more  than NOK 7000,- can be done  by either by bank transference (SWIFT) or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) trough PayPal. We will send you a booking confirmation including total cost by e-invoice/mail.

Cancellations: All cancellations must be in writing.

Individual tours and tailored tours as described on our web(except 2-4 days tours), requires a cancellation fee of min. NOK 1000,-. Cancellations received will be charged as follows:

  • > 25 days to tourdate: 75% refund of total amount (minimum payment/fee NOK 1000).
  • 25-8 days to tourdate : 50% refund of total amount (minimum payment/fee NOK 1000).
  • 7 days and/or less to tourdate: no refund.

For groups: if one of the group cancel the tour, there will still be required a min of NOK 1000,-.

Min fee of NOK 1000,- will be charged also in situations where only one member of a group cancel her/his part of the tour. The cancellation fee don’t consider in anyway,  earlier paid transaction fees, etc.

2-6 days tours:

Deposit 50 % has to be paid by bank transfer when booking is confirmed.

Cancellations more than 2 months ahead:  50% of deposit refunded

Cancellations 2 months or less ahead/ prior to the tour: No refund of deposit.

The remaining amout of the total has to be paid min. 2 months ahead/ prior to the tour.

All payment through bank(swift)/wire transfer.

Price and itinerary changes: We reserve the right to change prices due to conditions beyond our control. Prices may change with or without notice. Conditions for changes could be alteration in prices from our suppliers, increase in taxes from the government etc. Itineraries are subject to change or being cancelled if unforeseen matters occur.

Responsibility and liability: KS accept no responsibility or liability for matters that may occur during travelling or participating in activities delivered by us. It means we accept no responsibility for damages, injuries, accidents or delays beyond the control of KS. It is necessary that guests release KS from all claims for damage or loss of baggage and/or equipments, from death and injuries and from delays caused by third part suppliers of accommodation, transportation, food, beverages, activities and other factors that may influence this subject. And its also necessary that guests release KS from all claims for damage or loss of baggage, personal equipment, from death or injury and from delays causes by circumstances beyond KS’s control. When using transportation to. i.e. chase for clear skies and Northern Lights, the clients are covered by the ordinary passenger insurance in the cars main insurance. There are no insurance for outdoors activity connected to the tours, except from a general liability insurance.

The guests are responsible for having good clothes for any weather conditions. The guide will use his experience to offer his best advice for this. If KS provide the guests with clothes, we accepts no responsibility for any suffer and /or injury caused by the weather or any other conditions.

Allergy/ medical conditions: This are not an allergy proof tours and traces from food, nuts,etc can be found in the wehicle, equipments and clothes. The tours can also involve dog in the car in special occacions, meaning the may be traces from dog(hair. If allergy medicin is needed, the clients are responsible to bring the needed medication. The clients are also responsible to inform the guide about any allergy or medical issues who can affect the tour.

KS is in full right to reject customer's if KS find the customer's condition unsatisfactory for carrying out the trip, eg colds of any level, affected by alchol or drugs, etc.

Force Majure: KS shall not liable for delays or cancellations on journeys causes by Force Majure such as strike lock out or collisions, fire and/or damage on cars, buses, trains, ferries or planes. We accept no responsibility or liability of war, terrorism, diseases or any conditions beyond our control. KS can not be held responsible due to cancellations, delays causes by third parts(suppliers in any kind, official or local  government and/or departments) activities, changes in rules,laws or plans beyond KS control which interfere with KS schedule,bookings,etc.

The guide will use his experience to make a safest possible tour, but we accept no responsibility for circumstances beyond our control, i.e. avalanche and /or other cases caused by the conditions of the weather.

Cancellation and/or delayed tours : KS reserves the right to cancel or postpone tours or activities due to matters out of our control. We will not be held responsible for any loss to guests in matter of such cancellations. If cancellations initiated by KS AS should occur, KS will refund the cost of the tailored/described tour or activity, except if there are any fees or taxes which must be paid under any circumstances. The guide / KS can under no circumstances be held responsible for not received notice, misunderstood notice,etc.  regarding a cancellation, regardless of the reason. The refund will be done within 7 working days.

Participation in Activities ( Northern lights and other weather permitted activities): Activities will be arranged as long as it is possible and safe weather wise. KS will not accept cancellations of activities from participants simply because it is clouded in the nearest area around Tromsø, raining, snowing or a little windy.

KS does not guarantee that participants in Northern Lights activities will actually see these phenomena’s. The Northern Lights tour is build up on the idea to chase and hopefully see the Northern Lights and the guests has to be aware of up to 2- two- hours driving one way to chase for clear skies. There will be no refund for not seeing the lights. This type of adventure, involving the nature,always also involve a risk. As long as it is safe, from KS point of view, the guides desicion to do the tour will override any complains and dissapointments.

By the booking request, the person who book a tour also confirm the disclaimer for him/her-selves and the rest of the group.

Any typos or similar in this document and statments can not be held against KS in any kind.